TV3 journalist jabs Affail Monney; mocks his doctorate degree


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Ace journalist at TV3, Stephen Anti has taken a swipe at the presidential aspirant of the Ghana Journalist Association, Affail Monney, questioning the doctorate degree of the incumbent GJA President.

The Media General Journalist who described himself as a defunct member of the association appears to have lost his spleen when he posted on his Facebook wall to oppugn Mr. Monney's honorary decorate certificate.

"This Dr. Something something has been sneaking up on Mr. Monney for too long." Mr. Anti posted.

Contrary to the National Accreditation Board (NAB) directive asking persons who with conferred honorary doctorate degrees to desist from using the title ‘Dr’, Mr. Monney campaign posters bear the title.

An act Mr. Anti didn't take lightly to after posting Mr. Monney's campaign poster on Facebook chiding him for using 'Dr.' as his title when it's an honorary one.

"And to even to think Mr. Monney splashes his honorary doctorate from Pan African Clergy Council and Bible College/ Seminary in a poster like this makes me wonder," he added.

Stephen Anti further short down Mr. Monney's reelection bid as GJA President after opening that the same leaders are not required to lead over and again.

The former Multi media journalist also poked the role of the Ghana Journalist Association, asserting that the association does nothing to protect his interest.

"It's a shame because I don't think GJA does anything to protect my interests. I am sorry. I don't think we need same leaders over and over and over," he noted.

Earlier this year, the National Accreditation Board (NAB) asked persons who have been conferred with honorary doctorate degrees to desist from using the title ‘Dr’, since it is wrong to do so.

The board further asked all those who have received questionable honorary doctorates from unaccredited institutions to forthwith stop using the title.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, the Executive Secretary of the NAB, Mr. Kwame Dattey, said even those who had been honored by accredited institutions are not supposed to use the title ‘Dr’.

“You don’t have to address yourself as a doctor. If you are given an honorary degree, it is an honorary degree. Honorary is honorary — you don’t even have to put it on your curriculum vitae,” he said and urged the media and the public to stop addressing those people as such.

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