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We all know websites do collect information from us, either explicitly or implicitly. They get the information from the web browsers we use. You might not give full trust to a shady looking website with all your information but you will trust Chrome browser. The thing is, browsers are the information passage that websites use. What each Browser knows about you is a web application that shows you the personal information stored by the web browser. This information can be accessed by websites without you explicitly permitting them access to it. It also tells you what you can do regarding the information being freely available to these websites.

Visit What every Website knows about you and start scrolling over.


Your browser knows some basic things about you, for example, your exact location mapped down to longitude and latitude, your current operating system and some of the hardware specification. It also knows your public and local IP. The information is categorized and every section has preventive measures you can take to be safe and also the risks associated with it.


Generally, the tool advice you to use private browsing. Unfortunately, for the average user, that means a considerable measure of inconvenience. Some of the said information stored by the browser is harmless, for example, which OS you're running but some of it is a security risk and can bring about clickjacking, in addition to other things.

The app itself lets you know when certain information puts you at risk and when it doesn't. Use it as a manual to figure out what information you want to keep safe from websites. Keep in mind that the information saved differs from browser to browser. The application doesn't advise you to favor a specific browser over the other but switching browsers may be a sensible bargain.

If you think that your Chrome browser is storing too much information, you can try switching to Firefox and run a scan on What every Browser Knows about you again to see the amount of a difference it has made.

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