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For those of us who don’t like to pay anything all for data bundle, but want to surf free, this simple tweak has been blazing and the speed is absolutely amazing. Too bad, it is only available for Android users at the moment.

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on MTN is currently rocking. For free users, you will get 100MB daily usage but you can bypass the daily usage.


Steps to browse free on MTN using Hammer VPN

>Download Hammer VPN version 2.1.6 (non-rooted phones) here.
>Install it on your device and configure as below.
RPort: 8080 or 80

LPort: 9201 or 0

Leave it at UDP Protocol.

Choose Germany or any other server and hit the connect button. Minimize and continue to surf.

How to Bypass the 100MB daily usage
>Download Automate app
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and the key
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(install both apps)
>Download hammer Playstor Flo file
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>Open Automate app and click on the 3 dots at the right-hand side
>Click on import and locate the Hammer Playstor.flo file you downloaded earlier. Import it
>Now click on the start button. Minimize it and open your hammer VPN app

Connect to any Germany free server then immediately minimize the app. You can always monitor your activities via your phone notifications.

Note: Go to your phone developer option and turn of “Don’t keep Activities”. If you can’t find developer option on your android phone, Go to settings>>About Phone>>Build Number—tap it 7 times until you sa ee message that “you are now a developer”.

For Rooted Premium Users
The truth is every version has the servers that connects unlimited for you without any stress. For examples,

V2.1.6 free German servers

v.2.1.7 premium Canada server

v2.1.8 premium usa server

v2.2.3 Canada and Singapore servers

v2.3.0 France servers

You can download any of the version you want from this link
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Install it, enter your premium username and password. Before you connect, make sure you check “Don’t keep activities” from your developer options.

Once you hit the connect button, quickly minimize the app and monitor the connection progress from the notification tray of your phone. Once connected, you can continue to surf.

For Unrooted Premium users.
Version 2.1.6 and v2.1.7 will work for your phone without rooting. But if your phone is rootable, you an root it and be the boss of your device.

How to Fix “This App is not available in Your Location”
I’m sure lots of you using this app might have gotten “this app is not available in your location” message before but you can always bypass it.

Market unlocker pro disguises your locations to another location thereby allowing you to use applications not available in your current location.

1.Download Market Unlocker Pro
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2. Install it on your device with root permission

3. Click on market and choose any country of your choice, preferably Canada or USA, Activate it.


4. It will automatically change your SIM 1 location to the country network you’ve chosen.

5. Minimize it and open your hammer vpn app, hit the connect button and quickly minimize it (Monitor your connections via your notification tray). Once it connects, continue to surf…

What if I Can’t Find Connecting Servers?
Germany servers always connect and it s very fast. Just go to settings from your device, apps, look out for the hammer vpn your installed, clear data… that’s it. once you open the app, all the servers will be there.

That is it, guys.

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