This MiFi device has the Marvell Chipset with few unlock support. There are numerous variance of M022, M023, and M028T, which incorporates L02B, L02C, L02D l02H, and much more with the LCD AND LED versions, You must know the difference in other to understand everything here.

Warning; Flashing an incompatible firmware to your MiFi may results to signal damage, searching for network issues bricking of the device and more likely NOT able to unlock the device permanently.

L02C has been successfully Unlocked, I will talk about that also.

This tutorial and it other variance unlock shall all remain FREE.

NB: It doesn't support some network 4G/LTE after the using this method.

It works very fine on all other 3G networks, and some 4G networks are also supported. At least it is still better than be locked to only one network without help.


If you cannot disassemble and check variance on PCB DONT try unless you are certain about its variance L02B LCD

This guide works fine with L02B LCD Only


All The REQUIRED Files Will Be Posted Here

Step 1. Download the files
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and Extract to your Desktop.

After extracting the files you should see these files as shown below.

Step 2. Install WTPTP driver based on your OS architecture x86 and x64 bit.

View attachment 386

Step 3. Install Generic MiFi Drivers manually. Now, locate device manager and add new legacy hardware and proceed to add the Marvell AT interface driver manually, this step is important.

View attachment 387

View attachment 388

View attachment 389

View attachment 390

Step 4. Test run quickly for proper installation of Drivers, power on the MiFi device and connect to PC using a good USB cable, check in device manager for
1. Not driver with a caution sign, but the correctly installed Marvell AT interface driver.
2. Marvell DIAG USB devices in USB devices..............may not be seen (not necessarily though).

Step 5. You can Disassemble and check the PCB board of the device as shown below L02B.

Step 6. Read instructions in picture

You must pay attention here: as the aim here is to disconnect the MiFi device at some % percentage when erasing the flash to allow the device to easily accept different or incompatible loaders.
Now, disconnect the MiFi at 6-10% erase flash if 3% skipped you so fast.

Connect Your MiFi device to the PC without the battery to start flashing

Step 7. when flashing the LED firmware, follow same instructions in the picture

a. Open software, Open and select SWD >> select Nehza file to load flash files

b. Tick other non-ticked files i.e all files must be ticked, select in options erase all flash

c. Now, proceed to start and connect your MiFi device without battery again to flash

d. Do not interrupt the flashing, till you get a success message.

Disconnect Your MiFi

Step 8. Flashing the Last firmware

a. The same procedure as immediate flashing done, Open and select the Nehza file to load flash files.

b. Tick other files if not already ticked

c. In the options tab Unmark Erase all flash, you must check and disable erase all flash if already enabled in Options (VERY IMPORTANT)

Disconnect your MiFi device and insert the battery now

Insert a different Sim card you would want to use and power it on.

You will see a PH-NET_PIN each and every time you reset your MiFi device. The Unlock code is 123456, DONT FORGET IT.

Step 9

Step 10. Login to the MiFi dashboard and enter the login details, login and password is "smartbro" as username and password NOT the normal admin anymore

Skip the welcome page, Click on the Internet TAB,

Select MEP settings, enter the Unlock Code as 123456

Step 11. Unlock Code is now accepted, please wait, you should see searching for signals on the MIFI screen, it will display the 3g signal of the Sim inserted

NB: It does not support some 4g/LTE using this method for Unlock

It works very fine on all other 3g networks, few 4g networks are also supported. At least better than still being locked to one network.

Tested on Vodafone, GloGH, and Tigo, Busy 4g all working perfectly

Hope this helps... Drop your comment if you have any difficulties also don't forget to like the post if it worked for you.
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