How to Safely Allow Your Kid Use Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch


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In any case, one of your children will get your smartphone and toy around with it. If they are grown and also understand that a locked smartphone is inaccessible, you're fortunate. Having a little child disturbing your cell phone will frequently give you a disabled iPhone or iPad. To get a child to remain quiet, engaging with an instructive educational app on the iPad or a family video goes far enough.

Nevertheless, a kid's curious mindset will frequently make them tap the home button, navigating away from the app. There's an approach to lock your iPad or iPhone to only an application and it resides in the settings. There's no compelling reason to install a third party app and once activated, it will become accessible in any app installed on the iOS device.

STEP 1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Flip on the switch and you're practically done.

STEP 2. Also turn on the Accessibility shortcut to enable triple-tapping the home button for easy access inside an application.

STEP 3. You can also enable Touch ID here under Passcode Settings if your device supports it.

4. Return back to any application and tripple-tap the home button to begin Guided Access.

5. This should automatically show available options. From here, you can totally disable touch inputs or indicate areas where you need to disable. You can likewise disable hardware buttons.

To return the phone back to its normal state, you have to triple-tap the home button again to disable Guided Access.


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