Hot How to Make Money by Blogging on WordPress Free: 15 Ways

I know there are numerous ways out there in the market to make money by blogging but a large number of people don't have an idea about all the ways. Most people only know about Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

It's very disappointing when 9 out of 10 "How To Start A Blog and Make Money" articles on the internet are only about affiliate marketers trying to offer you the old-school web hosting method like BlueHost and HostGator.

I also started this
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and forum to make some few bucks but before starting I had to search a lot on Google about how I can make money online.
Most bloggers have made a list of numerous ways to make money online but the majority of them are just telling us how we can set up a blog and after that some common methods for earning.

From that point onward, I researched a lot on how I can earn enough cash so I don't have to do any other job and amazingly, I discovered almost 30 different ways by which anyone can earn a decent steady income at home.


Also, all these ways I discovered are very easy to setup and don't require any technical knowledge. So if you're not all that tech incline then don't worry, this isn't some rocket science. Anyone having the knowledge of using Facebook and WhatsApp can effectively make use of all these techniques for earning.

Blogging has turned out to be one of the most profitable online profession. A lot of bloggers are earning more than $50,000 every month.

Also, now you don't have to depend just on Google Adsense to earn and make money by blogging online. At present bloggers have various options to choose from.

In this post, I'll be sharing just a few methods of earning money by blogging. I have researched a lot on this and you'll certainly like the list.

Also, before you start earning from your blog you will need a blog first, and if you need help in setting up your blog then feel free to message me, I will be glad to help
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How to Make Money Online by Blogging: Step by Step:

Monetize Your Blog Content

The very first thing that comes to mind when you think of how to make money by blogging is advertising.

A lot of bloggers are earning cool money by using advertisements on their blog. but at present, there are various ways now for advertising the blog content.

  1. Google AdSense:

This is where a lot of bloggers begin.
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is a simple method to make money from your blog.

All you have to do to start earning from this method is to add a little script from Google to your blog and once you get the approval from AdSense, you are now ready to earn.

Ads displayed by AdSense are CPC advertisements. Each time a user clicks on your ad, you will earn some amount by AdSense.

At present, I know a lot of people know about earning by AdSense so I won't explain this in depth. If you want to understand every detail about this then you can quickly refer to this guide of WPBeginner on
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Also see:
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2. Other Ad Networks:

I know AdSense is very easy to setup but the amount you'll earn from AdSense will be limited. Also, nowadays earning from Google AdSense isn't that easy as it was in the past.

A few reasons to look for AdSense alternatives are:

  • It is sometimes very difficult to get the approval from Google AdSense to display advertisements on your blog. AdSense rejects numerous application for not having enough content or for some, different reasons.
  • AdSense bans a great number of web blogs and websites.
  • Google AdSense does not pay extremely well in contrast with other Ad networks.
Now coming to the AdSense alternatives, there are numerous ad networks in the market that you can use rather than Google AdSense. Spend some time and check other Ad networks and you will discover a network which will suit your blog niche.

Some best Google AdSense alternatives are listed below:

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  6. Ad Maven
and the list continues... All you have to do is check out these listed Ad networks and create an account on whichever Ad network you like. Note: Google AdSense won't give you any assistance in case you have a question or something, however, these other Ad networks will definitely help you.

3. Direct Ad Sales:

Now, if you don't have enough traffic then this method won't work for you but bloggers having a large audience are actually earning lots of cash by direct Ads.

There are no middlemen included in this type of advertising and you will be paid directly by the advertisers so you can earn a decent amount by this method.

If you blog or your site gets a significant amount of traffic of around 50,000+ visits per month then you can give this method a try. Additionally, if you have a targeted audience then you can earn significantly more than you can think since advertisers are ready to pay a lot if you have a valuable audience.

A few advantages of selling Ads directly:

  1. You can control the Ad pricing based on the page views you get, the location of Ads and the value they will offer.
  2. You will be very free to negotiate the price of Ad space.
  3. The most important of all benefits is you will get the opportunity to keep the entire income you will earn by showing Ads and you won't have to share your money with anyone else.
  4. Also, by selling Ads directly you will get the payment hassle free and furthermore payment will be fast. You won't need to wait for any payment threshold before you can ask for a payout.
For more information about this, you can check this guide by
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4. Sponsored Blog Posts

Presently a lot of people are making use of Ad blockers and if you are depending just on displaying ads then you won't earn much.

Sponsored blog posts is a nice alternative approach to monetize your blog. Companies pay you to represent their product, write a review about it and promote it to your blog readers.

To attract more advertisers, it's good to put a page showing your traffic stats, social media followers, audience demographics and other information that will make your website all the more appealing to advertisers.

You can likewise approach companies about sponsorship deals.

5. Get Paid to Write Reviews:

You can earn money by writing paid reviews on your blog. Paid reviews are an incredible way to help boost your monthly income.

You need to try out products that are related to your blog niche and afterward write a review and you will get paid. You can easily make an awesome amount of money depending on your audience size.

Here are a couple of websites to find paid reviews/sponsored review opportunities:

You can even approach companies all alone and ask about doing paid reviews for them. In any case, try doing paid reviews that are related to your niche only and on that particular product on which your audience would be interested in.

6. Sponsored Social Content:


Now if you have a decent amount of social media following then you can also earn a decent amount by publishing sponsored content on your different social media pages.

Facebook is currently having more than 2 Billion monthly active users and Facebook is also the main source of traffic for many of the websites. You can also use all your social media presence and transform it into a steady income source.

You can directly approach advertisers to publish content on your social media accounts in return for some agreed amount of money or you can join any network with which you can find potential advertisers.

7. Newsletter Advertising:

If you have an email list, then there are a lot of ways to monetize it. You can sell stuff directly in your email messages or you can use your list for affiliate marketing.

To make money from this you must have no less than 2,500 email subscribers.

You can send reviews or mentions of specific products and services in your email newsletter or simply sell advertising space.

8. Affiliate Marketing:

A lot of bloggers are into affiliate marketing and the majority of them are earning a lot from it. Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service to your audience utilizing unique tracking links and after that, you get a referral commission for each sale done through your special unique link.

There are a lot of products and services online that have affiliate programs that you can join and start making some cool money. There are numerous affiliate programs available for every blog niche.

You can start with products that are related to your blogging niche and in which your blog readers will be interested also.

Select a few products to promote and you can also utilize a WordPress plugin to manage all your affiliate sales and products.

You can also set up a resource or tools page on your blog where you can list all the tools which you recommend and which will truly be of benefit to your users.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money since you can promote a wide-variety of products. Pretty much every popular company like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Amazon, and others have an affiliate program.

9. Amazon Affiliate:

Amazon affiliate has been around for a long time yet only a few bloggers attempted to make money from it.

You should give this a try because Amazon products convert extremely well. And it's also very easy to register with Amazon as an Amazon associate.

There are numerous Amazon success stories you can find on the Web however before you start making a steady income from this, don't' remove any income sources you have.

You can put links of different Amazon products in your blog posts or you can simply put banners of Amazon as widgets on your blog. You can take advantage of Youtube videos and review any of the products and link to Amazon page from the description.

If you have used lots of Amazon links before and looking for an easy way to monetize them, you should try
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which will enable you to convert all links into Amazon associates links and you will profit from it.

10. Freelancing:

If you are a blogger then you're already a pro in your niche. By doing freelancing you can equally earn a decent amount of money.

You only have to offer your services to your current audience and your clients will pay you for your work. Additionally, freelancing does not require any upfront investment of money or time.

There are lots of
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which can manage all the invoices and also collect payments from your clients.

11. Sell eBooks:

Ebooks are always the first choice for many bloggers for creating digital products. Ebooks are generally very easy to produce and if you have been blogging for a while, then creating and publishing an eBook will be very easy for you.

You can collect some of your old blog posts and transform them into chapters of a book.

Your audience will be happy to purchase an eBook if you will give some value to it. You can likewise sell a PDF of it.

There are numerous plugins available in WordPress to handle this. You can publish and sell your eBook on Amazon as well.

12. E-commerce Store:

You can start your own online store with WooCommerce on WordPress.

If you have an idea for your product then you should start your own online store. Your blog will likewise help you in driving traffic to your online store and if your online store is related to your blog niche then you can boost your daily sales significantly.

Starting an online store can be a considerable measure of work since you have to create or purchase the items and after that ship them out yourself.

However, selling physical products can be a rewarding experience, and at times a physical product is precisely what your audience wants. It can be an extraordinary source of income as you can easily grow your online store whenever you want.

13. Dropshipping:

Another easy way to make money online is that you can start dropshipping. In this, you don't need to handle all the shipping work.

You simply create the store, direct traffic to it through your blog and manage customer service. Your dropshipping service will take and ship all your shipping orders with no problem. You can utilize the
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plugin to create a drop shipping store.

14. Premium Content:

You can offer some cool premium content to your blog readers. For this, you should have some good amount of traffic so that people will buy from you.

But, you need to invest some time in creating premium content which your users will like and will refer to their friends also.

15. Donations:

The last alternative is you can make money by blogging by simply to ask for it from your audience.

Donations will be the last on the list because, in reality, not many people will willingly give you money if you are not offering any value to them.

You will have to depend just on the generosity of your blog readers. It's usually more lucrative to offer them something valuable in return.

To accept donations, there are numerous ways. One way is you can set up a Paypal donate button on your blog or you could utilize WPForms to
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I hope you enjoyed this post. With hard work and perseverance, anyone can make money from their blog.

If you like this article, then do us a favor to share it on Facebook and Twitter and if you have any questions then tell us via the comment section.
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