How To Insert Emoji In Photoshop - (Solved)


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Emoji has turned into a vital piece of our everyday communication. Apple and Google have their own set of emoji and the list of emotions that you can express with them keep on expanding. As of Windows 10, Microsoft has added a less demanding approach to embed emoji in the form of emoji panel. In the event that you ever needed to insert a smiley icon on a design project, you'll be very pleased to know you can insert emoji in Photoshop. Truth be told, you can insert them in any Adobe app that supports text input. Here's the way.

Insert Emoji In Photoshop

For you to insert emoji in Photoshop, you have to first activate the text input tool. Click on the button with the T symbol on it in the toolbox or, tap the T key to enter text input mode.

Once the text input tool is active, you have the option to choose the font and font size before you begin typing text. These controls are situated on the top customization bar. Click inside of the font selection drop-down and type in 'emoji'. This will bring up the emoji font from the installed fonts. Select it. Once selected, an in-app panel will open listing all the emoji that are currently supported You can scroll through the panel and view them all.


With the text input tool still active, drag out and draw a text box. Double-click the emoji that you want to use to insert it. Like all other text, you can choose an emoji and increase its size. For clear reasons, you can't change the color of an emoji.


You will find that if you include another text layer directly after inserting an emoji, or if you change to another font inside the current content layer, the emoji you've inserted will vanish. This appears to be a limitation of the feature but it's very easy to work around.

Always remember to keep emoji on a different text layer of their own. Try not to mix regular alphanumeric characters with emoji. When you have to insert a text layer after inserting an emoji layer, include a regular empty layer first before you activate the text input tool a second time. This will enable you to change the font without losing the emoji in your past text input layer. You can delete the empty layer much later.

Other Adobe Apps

If you want to insert emoji in any other Adobe app, for instance in Illustrator, you will again need to activate the text input tool. It too will enable you to choose a font. The font selection option is key here. Enter the word emoji and it will find all the emoji font and open the emoji panel that you would then be able to insert emoji from.

This should work on both macOS and Windows 10, and perhaps at the same time on Windows 7 and 8/8.1.

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