How To Hide Sender Images In Gmail App For iOS


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Email applications have lots of subtle little approaches to help you be more productive. At times it's the way they show new emails in a thread and sometimes it's the little label which they automatically apply to vital emails. The best email apps work proactively to help you recognize and react to important messages and Gmail is the same. One of its long-standing features has been sender images. At whatever point you get an email, it is joined by the image associated with the sender's profile. The whole point is to make it easier to recognize who sent you a message but the images don't always appear. Frequently, you simply get initials of the individual who sent you the email. Gmail has now made it possible for users to disable sender images on iOS. Here's the way to do it.

Ensure you're running the most recent version of the Gmail app on your iPhone. It should be version 5.0.9. Tap the hamburger button at the top left and in the navigation drawer, scroll to the bottom.

Tap Settings and on the main Settings screen, you will see a given option 'Show sender images' that you can slide Off. Sender images will no longer show up in any inbox.


Android users have long had this feature on their version of the Gmail application. Enabling and disabling it is very straightforward; go to Gmail settings by via the navigation drawer and tap 'General Settings' on the "Settings" screen. You will find a 'Sender Image' option on the General Settings screen that you can turn On or Off.

On paper, sender images appear like a sensible thought however not everyone will set up an email profile with a legitimate image associated with it. Gmail won't always effectively show these images, and obviously, Gmail isn't the only email service on the block and it doesn't generally get along with other ones.

The Messages app on iOS had a similar issue with Contact images appearing in conversation threads. These images were often blank gray circles just because users did not have an image for every contact on their phone. Apple too needed to concede and provide an approach to disable them.

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