How To Easily Add Filters To Videos And Photos In Whatsapp


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Whatsapp has just rolled out an update which also implies new features. The great thing about this latest update and the new features it includes is that they don't have anything to do with Snapchat. Whatsapp has included channels for the photos you send. There is barely a handful of them however they are there regardless. The channels can be added to photos, videos, and GIFs, The GIFs can be ones that are powered by Tenor and supported locally by WhatsApp's or they can be videos changed over to GIFs. To add channels to photos and videos in Whatsapp, you have to update it to the most recent version.

On iOS, the most recent version of the application is 2.17.30. On Android, the most recent version of the application is 2.17.215. Update the application and afterward open it on your device. Select a conversation thread that you need to send a photo, video, or GIF to. Tap the plus button to bring the share menu. You can add filters to videos and photos in Whatsapp, and furthermore to GIFs.

Tap 'Photo and Video Library' on the share menu to share a video or photo from your camera roll, and to share a GIF.

On the Camera Roll screen, select the video or photo you need to share. If you want, you can also convert video to a GIF provided it's just 6 seconds in length. On the other hand, tap the GIF button at the bottom left of the Camera Roll screen to scan for and send a GIF from Tenor.

When you select a photo, video, or GIF, you go to the edit screen. Swipe up on this screen to open the channels' drawer. As said before, there are just a couple channels to select from. It's unclear if Whatsapp will include more of it and we're not complaining as long as it doesn't include front face filters.

Select the filter you need to apply. The filter will be added to the media you're sharing, regardless if it's a video, photo, or GIF.

After doing that, simply tap the Send button.

This new update actually groups different photos sent over a single message into albums. Obviously, if you browser media shared over a certain conversation thread, the pictures still show up as individual pictures. These aren't much amount of albums as just grouped together pictures. It's more or less easier to view them all without scrolling so much and lose your place in the conversation. When you tap a group of photos, you can see just the photos in that group. You can't see different photos which are shared in the same thread.


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