How To Create Groups And Share Your Story In Snapchat


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Snapchat has always been about a one-on-one conversation. If there is something you need to share to different people, you can add it to your story for anyone to see. That's how it normally works; you either share something to your friends one-by-one, or you publicize it for anyone to see. To make sharing a story with selected friends simpler, Snapchat has (at last) introduced groups. You can create a group of sixteen friends and share a story with them at the same time. Here's how to create groups in Snapchat.

Open Snapchat and take a photo of whatever it is you need to share. Edit it any way you like and afterward tap the send button at the bottom right.

The 'Send To' screen now includes another section called 'Groups'. There's a 'Create Group' button there for you to create a group. Tap it and select the sixteen or fewer friends you need to add into the group. Once created, you can choose the group and share your story with them.

The conversation in the group will still follow the normal rules just like an ordinary thread. The story will disappear once it has been seen and everyone will be able to make a reply to it. You will be able to know who has seen the story and who hasn't.

The group feature is something Snapchat users had been pining for since the application's early days. Snapchat took as much time as is needed incorporating the feature. With all said, it's rather mind-boggling that Spectacles were released before Snapchat permitted you to create a group of friends to share your story with.

There is likewise a possibility that the group feature was included so that users could make better usage of Spectacles. If you have a thought about it, anyone using Spectacles, walking around openly snapping photos, is likely going to want to share it with more than one individual at once.


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