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The Fifa world cup is here again and it seems everyone is excited about it, Well to make it more exciting, Vodafone Ghana is here with an interesting offer which is the Vodafone World Cup Bundle that lets you stream the 2018 Fifa world cup matches on your PC and mobile devices. Although for you to stream the matches you will need to download the DStv now app or kweseiflix app. Well, I won't talk about that for now, let us proceed to the topic of the day. To browse free with the Vodafone World Cup bundle follow the steps below.

  1. A Vodafone sim is needed for this or if you have a Vodafone broadband fine.
  2. Dail *900# on your phone.
  3. Select option 5 which says "World Cup Bundle

4. You will be given two options, select option 1 for Vodafone fixed broadband or option 2 for Mobile.​

5. For the mobile option, you will be given 3 options and all you have to do is select the option that suits you.​
6. Go ahead and activate the bundle.​
Now, to use the allocated data given to you to browse for free you will need to download an app called
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. It works both for mobile and PC.

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You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

After downloading the app, install and launch the app for mobile. Once the app is launched, just click on the Start button and allow the app to connect.

For PC, just click on the Psiphon3 exe file and it will launch automatically.

Wait for a while, and the app will be connected.


So now the app is connected its time to surf the internet. You can download, stream Youtube and whatever you like.
Note: Depending on the package you selected in the Vodafone World Cub Bundle, that is the duration you can use this trick for.
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