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Give it to the grandmaster itself, Glo Nigeria, if you are looking to migrate to an affordable and cheap Glo call tariff plans in Nigeria. Nigerians favorite network provider and self-acclaimed grandmasters of data, Glo offers cheap call rates as well. They are known for their cheap internet data, but migrating to the right Tariff Plan also offers you cheap call rates. In this post, I will be reviewing the Glo Cheapest Tariff Plans for 2018

Yes, Glo has one of the most cheapest Tariff Plans in Nigeria at the moment. So if you are being charged exorbitantly, then you need to migrate to a cheaper Plan. I will be listing the most cheapest Tariff Plans and their Migration Codes below.

But before we go any further, you need to know your current tariff plan. Simply dial #100#, to see the Tariff Plan you are currently on.

These are the Cheapest Glo Tariff Plans and Migration Codes

Best Cheapest Glo Tariff Plans

1. Glo IDD Packs
This is a new subscription and one of the cheapest at the moment. Especially for those always making international calls and spending lots of money. You can also subscribe to this even if you are on a Tariff Plan.

On this plan, you can call people in 30 different countries for just N6.60k/Min. Countries include; the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, India, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan, Israel, and Australia. Others are Bangladesh, Brunei, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Norway, Romania, and Singapore.

To subscribe, Simply dial *777#, click on voice profile & packs, click on call 30 countries @ local rate, click on desired IDD Pack.

・IDD 100 for N100 offers 12 minutes of call valid for 3 days.
・IDD 200 for N200 offers 24 call minutes for 7 days.
・The IDD 500 for N500 offers 60 minutes of calling for 14 days
・The IDD 1000 for N1000 offers 150 call minutes valid for 30 days.

2. Glo Bounce Tariff Plan
This Tariff Plan offers cheap call rates to national numbers among the cheapest Glo Tariff Plans in 2018. You can call all networks in the country for 15k/s and 11k/s to numbers also on the Glo Bounce plan. You also get 15MB and 1 free SMS on every N200 and above airtime you purchase.

To migrate, Simply dial *170*4# and select 1.

3. Glo 11k/s Tariff Plan
The name explains itself, you get to call all networks plus all numbers in the same 30 countries listed above for just 11k/s. But don’t get too excited, as you will charge N5 daily, once you migrate to this plan. However, it is still one the cheapest Glo Tariff Plans you can migrate to.

To migrate, Simply dial *211#.

4. Glo Infinito Tariff Plan
Are you looking for one the Glo Cheapest Tariff Plans? This Tariff Plan will bring you closer to your family and friends, and it is one of my favorites. You get to call all networks at 20k/s and choose 10 family or friends to call for just 11k/s with no hidden fees.

・To migrate, Simply dial *100*9*2#.
・To add family and friends number, Simply dial *101*1*Mobile Number#.

5. Glo Generation G
This Tariff Plan gives an amazing bonus on all recharges. If you recharge very often then this plan is for you. You also get free 15MB on every recharge of N200, with free SMS as well. Airtime bonus includes; 50% bonus on recharge of N100, 100% bonus on recharge of N200 and 200% bonus on recharge of N500 and above.

・To migrate, Simply dial *170*5#

6. Glo G-BAM Tariff Plan
More like the Generation G Plan but only better. This plan allows you call 5 special numbers at 11k/s and you also get 5MB daily, valid for 24h. At least you get to chat on WhatsApp daily for free right?

・To migrate, Simply dial *10*5*1#.

7. Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan- Best Glo Tariff Plans
Remember the saying, save today spend tomorrow? Well with this plan you have to spend today to enjoy tomorrow. You get double of whatever you use today, be it on calls, text or data. No conditions attached, no hidden fees.

・To migrate, Simply dial *600#.

8. Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan-Cheapest Glo Tariff Plans
Just like the name suggests, you get 800% your recharge and 10% free data for jollification. Therefore, on-net and off-net calls are pegged at 67k/s.

・N100 recharge gives N800 + 10MB
・N200 recharge gives N1,600 + 25MB
・N500 recharge gives N4,000 + 50MB
・N1,000 recharge gives N8,000 + 100MB
・N5,000 recharge gives N40,000 + 500MB

・To use this plan, Simply load airtime with *123*PIN#.
・To check your Jollific8 airtime balance, Simply dial #122#.
・To check your Jollific8 data balance, Simply dial *606#.

9. Glo Formula Tariff Plans
Popularly called 4mula, because you get 400% of recharges above N100. You can use the bonus to call all networks and international numbers in the countries listed above at 50k/s. This bonus can also be used for data and SMS.

・To use this plan, Simply load airtime with *323*PIN#.
・To check your Formula airtime balance, Simply dial #122*30#.

10. Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan
I think its safe to say “Bumpa” is a code word for 3? On this plan, you get a 300% bonus on recharges above N100. If you load N1000, you get N3000 airtime bonus, cool right? You can make calls at 50k/s to numbers in the country.

・To migrate, Simply dial *100*10*1#.
・To check your Bumpa airtime balance, Simply dial #122*2#.

I hope this information helped? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section if you have any further questions about the Tariff Plans.

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