Cradle scTETRA 14.0 Patch6 x64 Final


Cradle scTETRA 14.0 Patch6 x64 Final

Cradle scTETRA 14.0 Patch6 x64 Final | 3.74 GB

scTETRA - application of mathematical modeling of fluid dynamics and heat transfer problems with unstructured grid

scTETRA uses a hybrid grid which allows to represent geometrical features of the model with high accuracy. Quick grid generator, high-speed computation, low memory usage and user-friendly interface allow you to work effectively and get results in a short time.
A hybrid (or unstructured) grid generated using tetrahedral, pentaedralnyh, hexahedral or other polyhedral elements. This mesh is used in applications where accurate representation of geometry is crucial. Examples of such tasks are modeling of aerodynamics of vehicles, the flow in the pipes, engine operation.
Features, functions and tasks specific to scTETRA:
High Speed Automatic mesh generation
High quality mesh is automatically created in minimum time using the method of exhaustion (Advancing Front). When creating a layer of prismatic elements of its width can be set depending on the width of the flow channel. The software allows to accelerate the mesh generation process by using parallel computation and supports the creation of networks of considerable size.
adaptive mesh
For steady-state analysis using this function, the size of mesh elements will be automatically reduced in the region where there is a significant change in flow or pressure. After the solver has finished computing, the preprocessor will automatically start and produce grid rebuild based on the calculation results. This function is suitable for the analysis of flows in pipes of complicated form.
Change CAD-model
In scTETRA you can edit the model derived from the CAD-systems as needed, or when an error occurs. The boundary conditions can be set on the basis of details and names of other parameters imported from CAD-system. If the imported model, there are no regions that are necessary for the analysis, they can be represented by such forms as cuboid and cylinder.
free surface
The software calculates the shape of the contact surface between the gaseous and liquid substance. This function can be used in conjunction with such functions as moving boundaries, overlapping grids tracking elementary particles. Application Examples - analysis of the influence of waves on the ship, on the analysis of the influence of the shake tank and others.
dynamic function
It allows you to analyze the forced displacement and the rotation of a rigid object under the influence of hydrodynamic forces.
discrete grid
This technology allows you to work with the net:
- simulate the flows generated by moving objects: rotating fans and turbines, movement of cars or trains;
- analyze heating with the shear between the rotor and the hub in the disk brake system;
- analyze the sequence of rotation and translation (e.g., a piston pump).
Overlapping grids
The movement that is not reproduced by deformation or rotation, is modeled by a grid for the overlapping fixed and movable area. Furthermore, contact is maintained objects and several overlapping areas. An example use of this function is to analyze the opening and closing of the valve piston or gear pump motor operating through a gear.
A module for calculating the strength
Deformation and thermal stresses can be calculated based on the calculated values of pressure and temperature. An interface with Abaqus to solve the problems of interaction between fluid and structure.
Simulation of a compressible fluid
scTETRA makes it possible to analyze the phenomenon of supersonic flow and significant expansion / compression volume. For compressible fluids are used as a solver based on the pressure and on the basis of density. solver type depends on the purpose of the analysis and the type of phenomenon.
Examples of problems to be solved:
boiling modeling
modeling of cavitation
Simulation fans (model creation, form analysis)
Analysis aerodynamic noise
Modeling solidification processes / melting
Modeling of particulate multiphase flow
Tracking elementary particles (behavior, reaction, interaction)
The calculation of the amount of condensate
Modeling of the liquid film (extended function particle tracking)
Modeling pressure loss
modeling of thermoregulation
Modeling turbulent flow
modeling of radiation
Modeling the fan without creating a geometric model
Modeling Joule heat
Constructor sliding bearings

Year / Release Date: 2020
Version: 14.0 Patch6 (May 2020)
Developer: Cradle Soft
Developer website:
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Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present
System Requirements: Win 7 SP1 / 10 64-bit



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