Cheapest And Most Affordable MTN Nigeria Tariff Plans in 2018


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In this post, I will be listing the cheapest and most affordable MTN Nigeria tariff plans in 2018. If you’re looking for the cheapest and best tariff plan for MTN then you’re in the right place. MTN is Nigeria’s biggest telecommunication company and network provider no doubt. They offer one of the best calling rates in the country with a lot of amazing prepaid plans to choose from. Without further talks, these are the cheapest and most affordable MTN tariff plans presently.

Cheapest and most affordable MTN tariff plans

1. MTN StartPack
More like a starter pack, this plan is also known as YafunYafun SIM offer. Just as the name suggests, this special tariff plan is for newly registered customers and new subscribers. This plan is only valid for just 3 months after which you’ll be prompted to choose a different plan.

MTN StartPack Bonus
What are the benefits of MTN StartPack? First of all, when you recharge N100 of airtime and more, you get an instant 700% airtime bonus to call all networks in Nigeria as well. However, the bonus airtime will expire after 7 days. You also get free WhatsApp access for the first three days. Below are the charges when you’re in the MTN StartPack Bonus.

• National calls will now be 66.67kobo/sec (40 Naira/min).
• National SMS will now be 4 Naira per SMS.
• International calls will now be 75kobo/sec (45 Naira/min).
• International SMS will now be 12 Naira per SMS.

To check details of the airtime bonus such as balance, usage, and expiry date, the USSD code to dial is 559*43#.

2. MTN BetaTalk
The MTN BetaTalk is more like the default tariff plan when the StartPack expires. It is very cheap and everyone’s favorite, this might be because of the 250 percent airtime bonus on every airtime recharge of 100 Naira and above.

MTN BetaTalk Bonus
• 250 Percent airtime bonus on every airtime recharge of 100 Naira and above.
• 150 Percent airtime bonus on every airtime recharge below 100 Naira.
• The bonus airtime can be used to make calls, browse the internet and send messages to all local networks.

• Calls charged from the main account – 42kobo/sec (25.20 Naira/minute) from the main account.
• Calls charged from bonus account – 45kobo/sec (27 Naira/minute) from bonus account.

To migrate for MTN BetaTalk, simply dial *123*2*1# or text “BT” to “131.”

3. MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid
This is one of the cheapest on the list and worthy to be on the list of the cheapest and most affordable MTN tariff plans. It’s also perfect for those that love to browse the internet. You’ll get a lot of benefits and bonuses, check below.

• 15k/s for all local and international calls.
• 50% data bonus when you subscribe to the 2.5GB MTN data plan.

Want to subscribe to the 2.5GB data plan and get the 50 Percent bonus? Simply dial *131*110# or SMS “110” to “131.”

To migrate to MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid simply dial *408*1# or *123*2*3#. Or you can simply text “408” to 131.

4. MTN Pulse
MTN Pulse is another affordable tariff plan that offers one of the cheapest rates for calls. However, you have to spend N11 daily to be eligible for all the benefits it has to offer. You’ll also enjoy data bonus on every airtime recharge.

• 11k/s for all local calls (on-net calls and off-net calls) after spending 11 Naira daily.
• 100% data bonus when you subscribe to MTN 500MB weekly bundle.
• Happy Hour Night browsing at 25 Naira daily.
• Stream music on Music+ at 10 Naira daily.

To migrate to MTN Pulse, simply dial *406*1#. Or text “406” to “131.”

5. MTN Biz Plus
MTN Biz Plus is a prepaid service that provides customers with better pricing which introduces lower cost on-net GSM Voice, Data and SMS bundles targeted primarily for the SMEs. To enjoy the service, customers must migrate from their existing tariff plans to the Biz Plus service where they will be able to choose and enjoy further discounts from any of the bundle products.

You can migrate to their existing numbers to the Biz Plus service by dialing *460# or text 460 to 131. The BizPlus bundle proposition is a mix of Voice, SMS, Data and ICT attributes. The MTN BIZ Plus tariff pricing provides daily regressive pricing for national voice calls. The regressive pricing shall be based on accumulated usage (i.e. in seconds) between 04:30:01hrs and 23:59:59hrs every day.

A per-second call rate of NGN0.40/sec shall apply for the first 60 seconds of on-net and off-net calls for calls made any time of the day afterward the rate shall be N0.12/sec and a Free Happy Hour call.

These are the cheapest and most affordable MTN tariff plans. There are other special offers from MTN that you can enjoy within leaving your current Tariff plan, like the MTN Awuf4U, MTN XtraValue, and XtraTalk bundles.
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