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Hot How to Make Money by Blogging on WordPress Free: 15 Ways
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I know there are numerous ways out there in the market to make money by blogging but a large number of people don't have an idea about all the ways. Most people only know about Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

It's very disappointing when 9 out...
Nokia 7 Plus With a 2 Days Battery Life, Specs And Price
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Distributors of Nokia phones HMD Global has announced the arrival of “Nokia 7 Plus” in the country.

The Nokia 7 Plus is a smartphone with a striking smooth design, it also combines an innovative imaging capability and a powerful...
How to Create a WordPress Blog (Step by Step) With No Step Skipped
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Hello friends, have you had the thought of starting a WordPress blog from scratch but you feel its tasking and difficult? I know most of you must have had that thought in mind. Well, creating a WordPress blog from scratch is not that tasking or...
Top 5 Most Secure Mobile Bitcoin Wallets
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In the Bitcoin world, wallets are exceptionally different.
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ranging from hardware to software wallets. Hardware wallets are...
How To Check Your Internet Speed Right From Google’s Homepage
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Regardless of whether you're trying to figure out your internet connection's upload and download speed to see whether your network is working effectively or you simply want to show your friends how quick and fast your...
How To Disable Website "Show notification" Prompt In Chrome
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It appears like any site we open for the very first time will show the annoying "Show Notification" prompt. I'm so tired of this and if you're also tired of clicking the "Block" option button all the time you can simply disable website...
4 Best Bitcoin Mining Software For Windows
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Cryptocurrencies are extremely popular right now, and Bitcoin remains the most well-known one. If you own a PC, there's nothing preventing you from mining the coin yourself, which is the reason we will discuss the best Bitcoin mining software for...
How To Enable Dynamic Lock In Windows 10
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Windows 10 now supports different methods for keeping your PC secure. You now have three different types of passwords that you can set; alphanumeric, PIN, and picture. If you own a supported device, you can simply set up Windows Hello and coach...